The project

BARCELONA KEY is a project headed by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and Sant Adrià de Besòs Town Council.

The aim of BARCELONA KEY is to attract top-level international investment projects in new academic, research and value-added business activity to Catalonia in order to strengthen the role of Barcelona and Catalonia as an economic and knowledge hub.

Barcelona KEY will be a key element in building up our capacity to export knowledge.

This initiative aims to attract investment in a quality urban space on the Barcelona waterfront.

The aim of the Barcelona KEY is to attract public and/or private institutions of international renown in the field of knowledge and with a solid relevant history in their area of activity:

  • Value-added business activity
  • Research institutions
  • Higher education institutions

The project will have a high yield in the form of new value-added economic activity.

A space to connect innovation and knowledge with the world

The aim of the Barcelona KEY is to internationalize Barcelona’s technologies and business and to connect the city’s business with the technologies and knowledge developed all over the world.

A space connected to the world

To properly serve its purpose the Barcelona KEY will be connected to the world to feel the pulse of innovation and knowledge economy all over the globe.

The space will be a loudspeaker for the innovations, technologies and knowledge generated by UPC, companies and tech and research centers hosted in the Campus Diagonal Besòs.

The site

The site of the Barcelona KEY is owned by the local administrations, included in the Diagonal- Besòs Interuniversity Campus Consortium, that promotes the project.

Barcelona KEY it is a privileged area with more than 50.000 square meters of surface that allows the presence of 3 buildings in the R+D field:

  • 1 building of 40.000 square meters
  • 1 building of 7.300 square meters
  • 1 building of 5.600 square meters

Surface Right

The chosen entity that builds, owns and operates the Barcelona KEY will be awarded the surface right for 75 years.

The owner of the surface right has to carry out the following:

  • Drafting the plans, processing the permits and carrying out the construction of the building.
  • Supplying the furnishings and elements of interior design required so it can be used for its stated use.
  • The comprehensive management of the building (management, operation and supply of energy services, water, overall maintenance, cleaning, and building control and management).
  • The design and management of the building has to comply with all energy efficient standards and directives.

Sustainable Construction

Barcelona KEY combine the ideal conditions for comfort and operative functionality for people, in terms of the various important aspects of their work: concentrating on their tasks, carefully thought out physical spaces, with technological facilities and, most importantly, formal and informal communications between people.

Additional, the buildings will be equipped with the newest technology in sustainable construction:

  • Energy Performance: the buildings will meet the requirements as stated in Directive 2010/31/EU about low energy intensity.
  • Districlima: the buildings will be connected to a modern district heating and cooling network for use in heating, air conditioning and sanitary hot water. Sea water and waste incineration help to feed and power the plant that reduces with its unique system CO2 emissions.